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    Welcome to City of Eternal Spring! When you land in Medellin, you’ll quickly feel the festive feeling in the air as the entire region celebrates the world-famous Feria de las Flores. You’ll be arriving right in the midst of Medellin’s annual Flower Festival, when the entire city comes alive and people flood the streets for street fairs, free concerts, and a variety of parades and cultural activities.

    • Community OUTing Medellin Transformation Tour
    • CookingOUT Experience with a gay, Colombian chef 
    • VIP access to an LGBT-themed Feria de las Flores party
    • NightOUT bar-hopping experience
    • OUTDoors Adventure on a coffee farm
    • VIP seating at the Silleteros Parade
    • Day 1  Arrival & Welcome Dinner
    • Day 2  Community OUTing
    • Day 3  CookingOUT with Chef Esteban
    • Day 4  Flower Festival LGBT Celebration
    • Day 5  Day of Leisure & NightOUT
    • Day 6  OUTDoors Adventure on a Coffee Farm
    • Day 7  Flower Festival Parade with VIP Seating
    • Day 8 Departure