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    From 2-7 January 2019, we’re taking TropOut back to Koh Samui– the famous island paradise, known worldwide for its beautiful palm fringed beaches, vibrant night life, and luxurious hospitality. TropOut Koh Samui also doubles as the Official Post White Party Bangkok Vacation- White Party Bangkok is Asia’s largest gay dance music festival. So whether you’re looking to unwind in style or to continue the party, we’ve created the perfect blend for you. Welcome to TropOut Koh Samui.

    Get excited about a selection of our main events. Enjoy 5 hours of dancing and meeting new guys from around the globe on our boat party. We’ll turn the resort into a epic giant pool party. We’ve got VIP access, free flow vodka and tune at the famous Green Mango. Enjoy cultural discoveries on the island of Koh Samui.

    • Wednesday 2nd: Cocktails & Welcome BBQ
    • Thursday 3rd: Beachfront Yoga & Pool Party
    • Friday 4th: Beachfront Yoga & Boat Party
    • Saturday 5th: Beachfront Yoga & Green Mango Party
    • Sunday 6th: Cultural Discovery & Closing Party
    • Monday 7th: Check out