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    Cosmopolitan cafes lining beautiful white sand beaches, the giant golden dome of a local shrine rising over homes clad in Jerusalem stone, a candle-lit 5th century masterpiece rising out of the dark of night in the Jordanian desert… these 11 days in Israel & Jordan bring us into the middle of a region of fascinating contradictions. At any given time you may find yourself on camelback riding through the desert, reading a newspaper while you float weightlessly in the Dead Sea, sprawled out under the sun at the gay beach full of locals, exploring one of countless world-class museums, or taking in the unique culture and traditions on display through the streets of this Middle Eastern region. As gay travelers, this trip gives us the ability to take in the Middle East while enjoying the comfort of a relatively gay welcoming community. We’ll immerse ourselves into the thriving LGBT scene, sleep under the stars in a Bedouin camp (don’t worry, you’ll have private en-suite bathrooms and all amenities too!), hike around the clifftop fortress of Masada among many more unforgettable experiences.

    We’ll have a fantastic local guide join us through Jerusalem to ensure we really make the most of our time at its historically significant sites and learn about its tumultuous history. We’ll head down to the lowest point on Earth, the famous Dead Sea, known for its unbelievably buoyant waters, the healing effects of its minerals, and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. On the way there we’ll stop to explore the clifftop fortress of Masada high atop a plateau overlooking the Dead Sea where the ruins on King Herod’s Palace (built around 30 B.C.) are found. Take time to soak in some sun at the beach in Tel Aviv, explore some incredible museums, wander the streets of Jaffa, grab some drinks on Rothschild Boulevard, or feel free to take a day trip up the coast to Haifa, there are plenty of options to keep ourselves entertained here! We’ll be exploring the desert of Wadi Rum using Jeeps and camels together with a local Jordanian guide, spending our 8th evening of the trip with traditional food at a Bedouin camp then sleeping in a tented camp in the desert under a sky full of billions of stars.

    • Days 1, 2 and 3 JERUSALEM
    • Day 4 DEAD SEA and MASADA
    • Days 5 ,6 and 7 TEL AVIV
    • Days 8, 9 and 10 Dubrovnik
    • Day 11 TEL AVIV