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    Of all the wonders in the world, few have the incredible mystery and allure as the sky-high, gravity-defying, mountaintop estate of Machu Picchu, and for good reason! From the bustling capital city of Lima, to the traditional stone streets of Ollantaytambo, and from the ancient fortress of Cusco, to the jaw-dropping ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru is a country of incredible contrasts. The country with the “WOW” factor, and a destination on everyone’s must-visit bucket list.

    • Hike the cliffside ruins of Ollantaytambo
    • Visit the local chocolate museum
    • Explore the massive Inca terraces
    • Walk amongst the salt flats of Maras
    • Tour the ancient agricultural center of Moray
    • Explore Machu Picchu!
    • Hike Wayna Picchu
    • Visit the Butterfly Museum
    • Hike to a local waterfall
    • Explore the town and markets of AguasCalientes town
    • Salt Flats of Maras
    • Circular Inca terraces of Moray
    • Almudena cemetery
    • Devil’s Balcony hike
    • Peruvian Cooking Class
    • Ancient Inca town of Pisaq
    • Day 1 LIMA
    • Day 2 and 3 SACRED VALLEY
    • Day 5, 6 and 7 CUSCO
    • Day 8 TRIP END