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    Dramatic scenery and curious communities coalesce on this week-long circumnavigation of Iceland. Explore a country few people will ever visit, and go far beyond the tourist hotspots to remote fjords, raging waterfalls, and small fishing villages. Get to know the independent and creative Icelanders, and watch whales and seabirds play offshore. This is yachting at its most inventive. Iceland is one of the most gay friendly destinations in the world and this is an exciting opportunity to join a group of fellow Source travelers in a once in a lifetime voyage. Best of all, we’ve timed this so you can enjoy Reykjavik’s Gay Pride celebration before the cruise August 8-11, 2019.

    Treat your eyes to crayon-colored buildings, eccentric architecture, and crystalline waterfalls cascading over velvet green hills in the world’s most northernmost capital, as lively and spontaneous as the geothermal activity beneath its surface. Visit Circle Surtsey Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which rose from the sea in the 1960s. Next up, Heimaey, where a volcanic eruption created a modern-day Pompeii in 1973. Seydisfjord is 11 miles of long, narrow, beautiful waterway surrounded by high mountains. Akureyri is an important port and fisheries center especially because of its ice-free harbor so close to the Arctic Circle. Must-sees in Akureyri include the Listagil (art canyon) which is home to many arts and crafts galleries and shops, the beautiful church in the center of town, the botanical garden, and Hafnarstraeti, the main shopping street. This is also the perfect place to ride an Icelandic horse or soak in the sky-blue Myvatn Nature Baths. Small and easily walkable, Isafjordur has one of the largest fisheries in Iceland. Beautiful Grundarfjordur is located between a mountain range and the sea. The main attraction of the area is Snæfellsjokull National Park full of regal glaciers, lava fields, waterfalls, caves, calderas, and basalt cliffs.

    • Day 1 Reykjavik
    • Day 2 Heimaey Island
    • Days 3 and 4 Seydisfjordour
    • Day 5 Akureyri
    • Day 6 Isafjordur
    • Day 7 Grundarfjordur
    • Day 8 Reykjavik