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    Can you keep a secret? Athens prides itself on having one of the most vibrant gay and lesbian night scenes around. Embark on a 3-hour night tour to discover the city’s best LGBTQ hot spots and finish with a dance in a top nightclub.

    Even though Athens’ gay scene has not yet gained the reputation of other major European cities, the city’s LGBTQ community is alive and kicking; all you need is a local to show you around! Join this 3-hour tour to discover the true Athens gay and lesbian night scene. See it as it really is and exactly where it happens, in a city that caters for all tastes and styles.
    Visit the most popular hidden and not so hidden spots in town, where all the Athenians get to connect, meet, socialize, have fun, and party. Athens has proudly claimed back its ancient glory by transforming itself into a very open and cosmopolitan capital. Friendly, fun, colorful, vivid, and exciting.