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    Christmas in the Holy Land is a truly magical time. Whilst there’s no snow, it is the most incredible time to experience the land where it all began, and it will change your perspective on Christmas for years to come. Join us on our group tour, and see the Christmas story unfold before your eyes.

    • Attend a superb evening Welcome Dinner at one of Jerusalem’s delicious restaurants
    • Tour of the Old City of Jerusalem
    • Visit the Israel Museum, ranked among the world’s top art and archeological museums
    • Descend south to the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea region
    •  Visit Yad Vashem, the world’s premiere Holocaust remembrance and education center
    • Take a stroll to Tel Aviv’s port area, and stop by one its trendy restaurants or coffee shops
    • Day 1  Jerusalem
    • Day 2  Jerusalem
    • Day 3  Jerusalem & Bethlehem
    • Day 4  Masada & the Dead Sea
    • Day 5  Jerusalem New City
    • Day 6  Tel Aviv
    • Day 7  Tel Aviv (free day)
    • Day 8  Nazareth & the Biblical Galilee
    • Day 9  Tel Aviv (free Day)
    • Day 10  Departure Day