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    • Dates: August 30 - September 6, 2019
    • Price: Full Pack €438
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    • Provider: ELLA
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    Welcome to the 7th edition of the ELLA Festival, a culture, music, art and sports Festival thought for the modern LGTB woman in the gorgeous island of Mallorca, just a couple of flight hours away from your city! Enjoy the sun, the crystalline sea, lay down on the beach, vibrate to the sound of the best international artists and shows, and meet women from all over the world!

    • Day 1  Opening of the ELLA Festival
    • Day 2  ELLA Beach, ELLA Festival Dinner, ELLA Party
    • Day 3  ELLA Beach, ELLA Festival Dinner, ELLA Main Party
    • Day 4  ELLA Beach, ELLA VIP Party
    • Day 5  ELLA Sailing Tour
    • Day 6  ELLA Walk and Beer
    • Day 7  Deià by Nama