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    Berlin and Amsterdam: two of the most fun gay cities in the world today. And two of Europe’s greatest cities of art and history—including gay history, from the first gay rights organization in the world (founded in Berlin in 1897) to the first gay marriage in modern times (celebrated in Amsterdam in 2001). Served by lightning-fast train connections, these two cities together form the ideal travel destination; and when you throw in the chance to participate in Berlin’s amazing Pride celebration, 2019 becomes THE year for you to discover these two European gems!

    It’s all put together for you. A one-week tour that is your gateway to Germany and Holland, with their dynamic gay communities and their complex histories (both gay and straight). Revel in Berlin Pride, visit majestic art museums and palaces, take a boat ride along Dutch canals, see the Berlin wall, tour the great gayborhood of the decadent 1920s, encounter the evil tyrannies of Nazism and Communism, and celebrate the triumph of liberty where the first gay marriage took place. There’s all this and so much more on Oscar Wilde Tours’ fascinating introduction to Berlin and Amsterdam.

    •  Gay history tours of both cities
    • Walking tour in the Berlin gayborhood of the Wild 20s
    • German Gay Museum, Berlin Jewish Museum, Topography of Terror Museum
    • Gay Secrets tours of Berlin art museums
    • Sanssouci Palace and Park
    • Tour of Amsterdam’s red-light district
    • Sexy tour of the Rijksmuseum
    • Canal boat tour
    • Anne Frank House
    • Day 1 Take a bus tour around Berlin
    • Day 2 Walking tour of Schöneberg
    • Day 3 Berlin Pride Parade
    • Day 4 Excursion to the charming city of Potsdam
    • Day 5 Train to Amsterdam
    • Day 6 Explore Amsterdam & the Rijksmuseum
    • Day 7 Visit Anne Frank House & walking tour of the Jordaan
    • Day 8 The tour ends at breakfast