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    • Dates: October 13 - 22, 2019
    • Price: From $5,495
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    From the bright lights and pulsating streets of high-tech, ultra-modern Tokyo, to the beautiful landscapes and charms of the Japan Alps, and finally to an in-depth tour of historic imperial Kyoto with its must-see temples, shrines and gardens, this 10-day very special journey through Japan will provide you with a wonderful feel for the country’s various highlights and reveal the intriguing nature of today’s Japan — so modern and yet heavily steeped in its traditions. We’ll marvel at several UNESCO World Heritage sites in this program including the historic monuments of ancient Kyoto (which are many!) as well as those of ancient Nara.

    • Gleaming, glittering Tokyo along with some of its more tranquil attractions
    • Old streets, traditional houses and merchants’ shops, and atmospheric walks in the town of Takayama and Hida Folk Village
    • Shrines and temples of Kamakura – a lovely town by the sea
    • Kyoto – the cultural, historical, and religious soul of Japan with its myriad temples and shrines, including a side trip to Nara
    • Two-night stay at a traditional Japanese ryokan with hot spring baths
    • A bustling food market in Kyoto
    • Tour of the impressive Matsumoto Castle used by Shoguns since the early 1600s
    • Delicious meals and lovely accommodations — of course!
    • Day 1  Arrive in Tokyo
    • Day 2  Tokyo
    • Day 3  Kamakura day trip
    • Day 4  Matsumoto Castle / Travel to Takayama
    • Day 5  Takayama
    • Day 6  Travel to Kyoto
    • Day 7 Kyoto
    • Day 8  Nara / Sake Brewery
    • Day 9  Kyoto
    • Day 10  Departure