Explore Gay Accommodations



    Over the last decade Out Adventures has led countless fellows on a slew of sensational adventures. But are you brave enough to relinquish control and let them take the wheel? They’re heading to Norway for the world’s first Gay Mystery Expedition. On this adventure, passengers will only know their starting point and little else. Expect some sweaty Scandinavian scampering…this is a physically demanding trip after all. You’ll also be treated to quintessential local delicacies and signature local accommodations. Are you in?


    • Throw caution to the wind, give up control and join the world’s first Gay Mystery Tour
    • Sweat your way through several active adventures that will take you to the soaring heights of Norway’s mountains and into the depths of her fjords and ravines
    • Immerse yourself in urban Scandinavian culture and rugged Nordic wilderness
    • Close your eyes and take a bite of some local “delicacies”
    • Sleep in a range of truly unique accommodations


    • Day 1 – Bergen
    • Day 2 – 9 – ??
    • Day 10 – Oslo/Departure