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    The forces of nature that shaped Patagonia remain on display to this day. This trip begins with a visit to Perito Moreno and Upsala, two of the region’s most iconic glaciers. Another day features a nature walk, a visit to Estancia Cristina ranch, and a boat ride on Argentino Lake. Please note: this trip can be booked on its own, as a grand finale to our Antarctica Gay Expedition, or to kick off our Chilean Grapes, Grit and Stargazing tour. It’s a laid-back itinerary that’s perfect for gearing up or winding down. For a more active visit to Patagonia, check out our Patagonia Argentine Glacier & Chilean Eco-Camp excursion.

    • Visit Argentina’s epic Perito Moreno Glacier
    • Enjoy a nature walk in Estancia Cristina, a distinctly Argentine ranch
    • Enjoy a boat ride on Argentino, the nation’s largest freshwater lake
    • Explore Calafate, the gateway city to this outdoorsy region
    • Day 1 Ushuaia/El Calafate
    • Day 2 El Calafate/Perito Moreno
    • Day 3 El Calafate/Estancia Cristina
    • Day 4 El Calafate
    • Day 5 TEl Calafate/Puerto Natales/Punta Arenas
    • Day 6 Punta Arenas