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    • Dates: Daily Tours
    • Price: from 5,550 ISK per person
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    • Provider: Pink Iceland
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    This tour in Reykjavík is a great introduction to Iceland’s capital city and its history. You’ll visit the city’s main attractions by foot with a great Pink Iceland guide. You’ll learn the country’s gay history and how the fight started in Reykjavík, plus how the battle for equality has evolved and still continues today. You’ll start the tour by the Pink Iceland offices then visit the old center of town too see Parliament, Iceland’s Cathedral, Hotel Borg, Iceland’s oldest street, Reykjavík’s oldest house (which coincidentally used to be a gay bar) and lots of other interesting city sites. Later you’ll stop at Harpa, the amazing Reykjavik Music and Conference Center whose design is inspired by Iceland’s rock formations. This is the perfect tour to get acquainted with Reykjavik and you’ll have the chance to ask a local guide any questions about the city or island as a whole.

    The first and only tour company in Iceland offering gay tours, activities and wedding planning. They are the best guides and hosts for everything gay in Reykjavik and offer several city tours and bus tours to nearby sights and attractions.