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    Rainbow Tours Berlin will show you the best Berlin has to offer including classic tours of Berlin’s historical center as well as exploring the unique Berlin neighborhoods including Schöneberg, one of Berlin’s popular gay neighborhoods. A local guide with great knowledge of the gay scene can also give you a tour of Berlin’s most popular gay bars.

    It’s hip, artistic, international and GAY! Berlin is easily one of the most gay-friendly cities in Europe with a huge offering to LGBT travelers. Popular neighborhoods like Schönenberg (the most well-known gay neighborhood) as well as Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg and Freidrichshain all have a strong LGBT population living in the communities as well as many gay oriented businesses, cafes, bars and clubs. Yes, not only is Berlin gay-friendly, the number of gay businesses in the city is in the hundreds including popular places like the Axel Hotel or Schwuz and Berghain nightclubs. The city has a rocky, yet unique and inspiring history that is one-of-a-kind even for those not so into history. If you haven’t been to Berlin, you’re truly missing out. To get the most out of your Berlin trip join a tour and experience the city center, visit cool Berlin neighborhoods, see the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp or join a nightlife tour.