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    Rainbow Tours Rome gives you the option to join several tours including The Best of Rome, Rome in the Time of Ceasar, and Rome at Sundown. Your guide will take you to some of the most important sites in the Eternal City, like the archaeological zone, the Coliseum and the Roman Forum. If you’re visiting during the summer, the Rome at Sundown tour is a great option to beat the heat and see the famous monuments with a unique light and perspective.

    Few cities in the world mesh modern with historical in the way that Rome can and it’s a destination that doesn’t disappoint. It’s a major metropolitan city with a large population of LGBT residents but we have to point out that Rome is hardly a “gay destination” and the Italian capital is still highly conservative (and homophobic) and influenced by the presence of the Catholic Church taking hold in Vatican City.

    There is not really any gay neighborhood in Rome but there is a small gay street (literary called “Gay Street” which opened in 2007) just beside the Colosseum where you can find a few gay bars, restaurants and hotels, including First Floor and Second Floor – two gay boutique hotels worth checking out. Muccassassina is a mixed but very gay (and awesome!) party held every Friday night at a club called Qube Disco. The atmosphere is very friendly with three large and separate dance floors plus drag performances throughout the night. As for sightseeing, there is so much to see but be sure to check out Rome’s famous plazas and fountains, the archaeological zone or even do a sunset tour providing unique light and perspective in this magnificent city. You’ll find hundreds of different tours to choose from in Rome, but if you want to explore the sights and connect with a gay local to really understand the gay scene, you should definitely check out Rainbow Gay Tours in Rome.