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    In December 2018, TropOut is heading back to the idyllic South Pacific island of New Caledonia! The luxurious Chateau Royal Beach Resort & Spa will welcome gay travellers from all over the globe for a week of partying, exploring and unwinding. Located in the middle of the world’s most beautiful reef, New Caledonia is like a dreamy postcard. With its unmistakable French influence, the mix of spectacular island scenery and Parisian sophistication offers gay travellers the experience of a lifetime. It’s time for TropOut New Caledonia.

    Get excited about a selection of our main events. Water taxi to Duck Island for a Private Island Party. In 2017 this party was off the charts. Swim and dance, while the DJ plays over a reef on a floating pontoon. The most stylish art deco venue hosts our classy French affair for the Parisian Party. Discover the rich French and Island tradition, magical reefs and natural beauty.

    • Thursday 6th: Beach cocktails
    • Friday 7th: Beachfront Yoga & Parisian Party
    • Saturday 8th: Amadee  Tour & Private Island Party
    • Sunday 9th: Reef Party & After Party
    • Monday 10th: Cultural Discover & Finale @ Pop Light
    • Tuesday 11th: Check Out