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Should I buy travel insurance?

Traveling abroad can be one of the most rewarding and memorable adventures but leaving your home country presents additional challenges and risks. In many cases you’re immersing yourself in a new culture and perhaps a language you don’t know. But even more important is your health, safety and the security of your belongings. Over the past seven years traveling we’ve had our fair share of travel scenarios gone wrong (or worse), and in many circumstances our decision to purchase travel insurance really saved our ass not to mention our bank account.

Let’s be honest for a second….travel insurance sucks. These companies are banking on the fact that you’ll buy a policy and never need to make a claim, after all that’s how the insurance model works across all industries. Sometimes worse is the effort some insurance companies put into finding a way to reduce or reject your claim based on the fine print of the policy. Still, there are lots of cases where paying for insurance might actually make sense and traveling abroad is often one of those.

Travel insurance can be complicated to understand and there are usually a few major key items that a travel insurance policy provides. This can typically include overseas medical, evacuation, travel cancelation, baggage, personal belongings protection and coverage for a range of adventure sports and activities. We’ve used a few companies over the years, but our top choice has been World Nomads for the simplicity on buying a policy, their customer service and the positive experiences we’ve had in making claims.