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    Started in 2009, XLSIOR was created to combine fun, luxury and  a friendly atmosphere that knows no boundaries. It takes place on the Greek island of Mykonos, now with over 30,000 people from all over the world. They host some of the best artists in the gay circuit scene marking an unforgettable experience with the the careful selection of its open air and outdoor, breathtaking venues.

    The team works hard to make sure that XLSIOR is not just about its astonishing music, nor its breathtaking venues, neither its hottest crowd. They also work hard to make sure that XLSIOR Festival is a complete holiday experience that will blow your mind.


    • August 22 – TBD
    • August 23 – TBD
    • August 24 – TBD
    • August 25 – TBD
    • August 26 – TBD
    • August 27 – TBD
    • August 28 – TBD
    • August 29 – TBD